Practical Creativity ~ that is the aim, and that is what we deliver.

Since relocating to Perth from London in August 2002, Swan Advertising has enjoyed great success, servicing local small to medium- sized businesses with Graphic Design, Web Design, and Print.  We have also maintained many UK based clients who value their long-standing relationship with Swan Advertising regardless of geographical distance.  Swan Advertising is proud to consistently deliver an outstanding service to its clients, and holds a cherished reputation for a successful, timely, and client focussed service to a broad range of industrial sectors.

Swan Advertising endeavours to run a planet-friendly and sustainable business in all aspects of its practice.  We strive to ‘contribute’ wherever possible.  In 2010 we invested in a 1.5kw PV solar system, on an average day this is more than enough to power the design studio including its systems and also feed the grid with the left over power.  With printing, wherever possible, we specify stock sourced from sustainable forests, and being a home-based studio, we save on the daily commute by walking to work every day!

If you like what you see on this site and feel that Swan Advertising could be the right choice for your business, then please call or email, and I’ll be happy to assist your business with practical creativity.

Dave Swan, Creative Director & Owner


Creativity is in the family! – Budding artists may be interested in Swan Art, my father and partner’s art studio, specialising in watercolour and acrylic drawing lessons based in Kent, UK.  They also produce cherished commissioned portraits.

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